Crawling in Art

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of having the day off and getting to spend some much needed quality time with Chad. We decided to go to the Art Crawl that was at Banbury Place. I had never really been to Banbury Place before and we were both curious to see what the crawl was all about.

(A shot of the building~I love how rustic the building looks)

Here are some other shots of the day:

(I love how the tile looks like one of those puzzles that you have to rearrange the pieces)

(This one's in honor of Chad because he loves golf and can't wait until spring comes and he can play every weekend)

(Don't you love orchids?)

(I love this picture~it reminds me of a puzzle)

The studio that I loved the most was the woman who does pottery. Pottery looks like such a unique hobby and it was such a treat to be able to see her "throw" (that's pottery talk for 'make') two small pots. Below are some pictures:
(We both loved the fact that we got to see the raw materials that the artists use to create their art pieces.)

We felt very inspired after going there. If we had any artistic talent at all, we probably would rent a studio in Banbury. Even though that will not happen, we will always enjoy looking at art!

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Chad said...

Nice Blog!

I really enjoyed our time there. It was a very calming, yet inspiring experience.

I wish I had the talent / ambition to have such a lovely hobby.


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