Lost and then eventually found

Remember when I talked about how my parents bought me an Ipod nano for Christmas? This whole past week it had been missing from my life. I frantically searched everywhere: my room, the van, the couch... Guess where it ended up-underneath Chad's bed! Whenever I go to Chad's house I drop off my purse right in front of his bookshelf which is next to his bed. One of the times my purse must have tipped over and the Ipod must have slipped out.

Today, happily, while looking for the DVD remote I looked under the bed and it's sweet little pink self was staring me in the face. Right now it's next to me, charging its sweet little heart away. My heart swelled right when I found it-I was so relieved!

I have had a major shortage of albums lately, so with the newly recovered pinkie here are some artists that will be added:
Christina Aguilera
Snow Patrol
John Legend
(Anyone have any other suggestions?)

Have you ever lost anything really important that you go into complete panic and terror mode?

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brand.new.housewife said...

Yes. When I first moved into my apartment, I would lose my garage door opener, and since that was the only way I could open the garage (before my neighbor told me the combination), I couldn't get to my car without it. TOTAL FREAK-OUT MODE.

PS - Did you see Dad's blog?


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