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I have never really been a big Grammys watcher and neither has Chad. On Sunday though, we found ourselves totally engrossed in all things Grammy. The show was performance after performance. We were very excited that Coldplay received three awards (Song of the Year, Best Rock Album, and Best Perfomance by a Vocal Group). We saw them in the Cities in November and loved the entire concert.

We loved watching their performance on Sunday:

(Isn't it cool that Jay-Z performed with them?)

And thought their outfits were witty:

(Loved the St. Pepper reference)

Chad also rejoiced greatly when he saw that Radiohead would be performing. He loves Radiohead; it's tied for first place of his favorites (with the Beatles). I think it he could, he would move into Thom Yorke's house. For the first three years of dating him, I always turned the Ipod from Radiohead to a different song when we'd be in the car. I think the reason was that I couldn't understand any of the words and I can't tolerate not being able to understand what I'm listening to. A couple months ago, he made me a cd of all the Radiohead songs he thought I'd like. I listened to it-over and over and over again. Although I still can't understand all the words, I am now infatuated with them.

Anyway, their performance was fantastic. We loved the extra flare that the USC marching band brought. Here's a fabulous picture from the night:

We are also pleased that they walked away with the award for Best Alternative Music Album

(Isn't this such a cool picture? found at capturing the seven)

*Here's a list of all the winners

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