When's Your Birthday?

Hello lovely friends,
Over at an examined life there was a link to Paul Sadowski's birthday calculator.

It's amazing! I checked it out on my half-birthday (February 4th) and thought I'd share some interesting facts I discovered:

My plant is Raspberry (which is probably why raspberry-flavored Tootsie pops are my favorite).

As of right now, I'm 7,492 days old.

There are some famous people who share my birthday including these: Louis Armstrong, Jeff Gordon, Billy Bob Thornton, The Queen Mum, and...

This guy!

(Hey Mr. President, can I throw a party on August 4th with you for all the people in the country who share your birthday? You won't mind having a million people in your house, would you?)

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Abe Lincoln died and the Titanic sunk on my birthday.

And Mrs. Johannes and Jeff Aymond were born.

I'm glad you and the Prez can celebrate together. =)


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