cheers to the fourth!

Happy Birthday, America! (That is how I explained the 4th of July to the 4-year-olds I was teaching last year. That is probably the simplest explanation I think they can grasp. Although they totally get fireworks + eating watermelon.)
I'm off-linin' it a day early because we are going to be busy today cleaning + cooking before the holiday weekend. My agenda today includes making salads and desserts for tomorrow, cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the dog hair off the floor because we have company tonight! Our friends Randy + Danielle and finally coming to St. Paul so that we can take them to some of our favorite spots. Then we'll spend Friday with my family and hopefully catch a couple fish. :)  
 I snapped these pictures yesterday. The first two are of the fun + festive July images are from my daily planner. Mine is a Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda and I can't recommend it enough. I thought I found my perfect planner before, but this one is far superior. It's girly without being too girly and has plenty of room to write. The last two are from my backyard yesterday. 

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