the fourth.

My July 4th memories:

As a child: traveling to one of my aunt's houses or my grandparents and spending time with cousins. We did everything on the fourth: went to a parade {as children, we were perfectly content to squish together on the curb--closer to the people throwing out all the pretty candy} and picked names for the upcoming Christmas season {oftentimes, this was drawn out because someone always ended up picking their own name}. I would watch in awe at all the small MN town fireworks from the backseat as we would drive home from grandma and grandpa's house. We would drive the whole night listening to the 1812 Overture while the sky would light up with color.

Recently: two years ago,  helping my sister get ready for her wedding. July 4th was spent at the wedding rehearsal followed by the fireworks show in the Cities. We spent time with the new in-laws that Laura had. One memory that I have from that night is glancing over at my sister snuggling up to her soon-to-be husband--emotion just washed over me right at that moment, she had found her man for life.
        :one year ago, having a picnic in the park {the traditional 4th experience} complete with hot dogs and snuggling up to little 3-mo. old UJ. Having the blankets tucked under our arms as we made our way to the baseball field and running out to the outfield when the game was over. We were also missing older brother Kyle and Laura since she had to take her infant boy home {I wonder if he'll watch the fireworks this year?...maybe not}. Eating watermelon and cataloupe under the light of a flashlight while waiting for all the other cars to leave the parking lot. Listening to Proud to Be an American and crying every single time I hear it with the fireworks booming above me. {I can't help it--it's one of those sappy, feel good songs}

This year: the tradition remains {with the addition of my husband being joined to the ranks} and we will continue to go to Carson Park and watch the fireworks with thousands of people from my town. We will ooh and aah over our favorites {mine are the white sparkly ones that sprinkle down like a shower until they disappear--which ones do you like the best?} 

I have images of amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties floating around my head today.


Sandy said...

"Listening to Proud to Be an American and crying every single time I hear it with the fireworks booming above me."

I cry, too.

Mandy said...

I loved reading this. So American! Thanks for prepping me for July 4th.


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