sparkly skies.

On this Fourth of July, I had a fleeting thought while laying on the baseball field on one of my parents' old blankets:

It would be so cool to be on an airplane on the night of July 4th so that you see all the fireworks from the cities below you. 

But that thought was over as soon as I thought about how lonely that would be. Watching all those fireworks alone while families are below you crowded together on a couple of blankets? Not for me.

I like doing fireworks + 4th of July the way my family has always done it -- sitting together and watching the sky sparkle and light up. I love listening to all the oohs and wows that people softly whisper to themselves. I love the collective cheering after the finale. I love the cheesy song 'Proud to be an American'. I love the fireworks that look like sparkly rain falling. I love the past six fireworks shows most of all, because somewhere during, my guy will steal a kiss.


Meghan said...

I love that song, too! What a perfect way to spend the 4th!

*claire* said...

the sparkly rain ones are my favorite too!! great pictures (and great post!)


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