little things in life. // summer edition

summer shandy. dawson's creek on netflix. reading books. hanging laundry outside. flowery tablecloths. cottage cheese + eggs for breakfast. bobby pin hairstyles. frisbee throwing with leo. chlorine swimming pools. summer olympics trials. fans blowing on me at night. instagram pictures. smell of sunscreen. fires crackling. blowing bubbles. the joy of catching fish. pink and purple sunsets. the art of un-plugging. jeopardy + popcorn dates. the avengers. waiting for the dark night. guilty pleasure // the bachelorette. farmer's market flowers. flip flops. peanut butter and apple slices. vodka sours. organizing the craft room. having time to organize the craft room. riding on a boat. painting toenails. baseball games + sunflower seeds. exercising more. garage sales and thrift sale trips. sun still out at nine at night. flavored water. lawn chairs. frozen yogurt. lake water. swimming with leo. eating grilled suppers courtesy of chad. sidewalk chalk. iced coffee.watering our little basil plant. cool sheets. summer wreath making. smores. magazines -- and having time to read them. sleeping with the windows open.

this summer list is brought to you by free time. i have it and i am enjoying it.


Jamie said...

A brilliant list!

Vanessa said...

These are just some of the reasons Summer is my favorite season and it has just really begun! Someone told me they were ready for Fall today and it broke my heart. I feel like Summer just started (less than a month ago!) and there are so many things Summer has left to give us! 8)


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