happy weekend.

Whenever Chad goes away for a weekend trip, I always seem to write about it. I write about how sad I get when mine is the only toothbrush in the toothbrush holder and mine are the only pillows on the bed. Then I write about all my big plans to get everything done in three days before Chad gets back home. Cram as much shopping, writing, eating, errand-running, and chores as I can.

This time around, those lofty goals are still on my to-do list (I actually did write out a list) sprinkled with fun things like watching the opening ceremonies with a glass of wine and sushi (and pining for London again) tonight and the farmer's market and editing pictures tomorrow morning. Will you be watching the Olympics this weekend? It's my absolute favorite!

It might not seem like the most thrilling weekend to date, but it's just what I need before our whirlwind August rolls around...

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Erin {pughs' news} said...

It looks like a pretty good weekend to me!

I will definitely be watching the Opening Ceremony today, and pining away for London... It's bee too long :(

Enjoy your weekend, Amanda!


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