yay december.


I am already loving this month even though it's only day five. I know that it is the busiest, most stressful month to end the year with, but it's also the most special to me. Sure we have our hands full, but I am loving it.

And it also helps that I now live in a marshmallow world. It has been snowing the last two days -- those big, fat, fluffy flakes that I told you I loved. Those flakes create a wonderland and a perfect excuse for staying in which is exactly what we did -- except for the tree-getting (before the storm hit).

1. Friday night. hot glue gun. 4 glue sticks. 6 boxes of clearance ornaments from last year + wreath form. 
2. Saturday morning. oh Christmas tree. finding the perfect tree for the corner of our little living room. all tree pictures now require a high-kick when posing for your sister-in-law.
3. Saturday afternoon. flaky chocolaty croissant from a local bakery split in two. cold glass of milk to wash down. well-deserved treat after signing a worthy petition and browsing our local co-op.

While browsing the blog posts today, please check out my friend Celia! She featured my butternut squash soup that I happen to love and make monthly. If you're looking for a good soup, check this one out...


Jamie said...

You're making me excited for the holiday - I'm missing out on all the fun this year (life in a muslim country and where a crazy work schedule gets in the way.) Luckily I have blogging friends like you who give me a little glimpse of the holiday fun each day.

*claire* said...

i soooo want to make an ornament wreath and i think you convinced me.

also, love the photo of the tree :)

most importantly, i would love to be eating one of those croissants right.now.

Lost&Found said...

That wreath is genius! I may even make one after the holidays once everything goes on sale!
And that croissant looks so yummy! I need to find a good local bakery!



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