calm before the storm.

My little distraction during my late night paper writing last night. Can't get enough of this pup.

Consider this, tonight, my one-night-to-relax. 

I'm giving myself a one night only pass to do whatever I want before I have to do three take home tests and two finals tomorrow through the weekend. This week has been sprinkled with late-night paper writing (my least favorite thing about paper writing ever). Last night alone, consisted of me staying up until 2am alone on the couch with my snoring husband in the bedroom and observation notes on my lap. The worst part of being a student.

But...one of the best parts of being a student is that I get to declare tonight my relax night. I pledge to sit on the same couch that saw me stressing last night and do absolutely nothing. If I want to go on twitter, I get to go on twitter. If I want to watch old episodes of Parks + Rec (the Christmas episode) I get to. I can browse etsy to my heart's delight and 'pin' as much as I want. It's my prerogative to be lazy for one. night. only.

 Do yourself a favor -- if you can, declare a relax night sometime.

Tomorrow, it'll be a different story :)


bethany said...

Yesss! Relax night needed! I'm pretty sure that cute little puppy is the best way to relax...ever. :)

I'm in your boat, though. It's endless projects + finals from here out! My friends and I were saying that usually we get a day off (or at least maybe my 1st year we did) between classes and finals...a day to relax. This year we got nothing!

Here's hoping you get everything completed! Happy finals week!

The Egg said...

i declared my relaxation night last night!!! whoo hoo this month seems to be crazy but tis the season. i fell asleep at 8:00 so not much relaxation going on....

xoxo the egg out west.

Jamie said...

Oh do I need a relax night! Enjoy that student time while you can.

Good luck with your finals and papers - you'll do amazing.

Lost&Found said...

This is so important and something I definitely didn't do when I was in college. Looking back, i'm convinced I would have done better if I had actually taken more breaks and been a little easier on myself. Hope it was a great night!



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