wake. work. rinse. repeat.*

good morning, bloggers.

I had big plans to end this blogging break with a show + tell of all the marvelous pieces I got at Saver's several weeks ago. I'm super excited about them all -- particularly my new globe, but that post will have to wait. Because all those marvelous items are in banana boxes and pear boxes.

That's right. We're moving!

I should mention that we signed the year-long lease on Thursday night and are expecting to get the keys to our new house on Saturday morning.

That gives us only six full nights to pack up our entire apartment.

So, please excuse me while I fill my next week with school in the morning, work in the afternoon, and newspapers + boxes in the evening.  rinse. repeat.

*Just curious if you know, who once titled her beloved blog this exact phrase? :)


Vanessa said...

I was just looking at our stuff this weekend and thinking "It's going to take us hours upon hours to get this all packed up when we go to move." I am not looking forward to that! Hope moving goes well! <3

bethany said...

Teehee. :)

I cannot imagine trying to move in six days. Oh my heavens! I hope you've collected every single banana box in the Chippewa Valley...I found box hunting to be the trickiest part of the moving process! At least you can put on some movies or good music and sift through your things with your hubby. Moving is sort of nostalgic in that you get to rediscover every inch of your life since your last move....which for you, I think was when you got married! :)

Happy boxing, m'love!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Rinse Repeat... that's our dear Bethany!

Good luck with the move, Amanda!

Jamie said...

Good luck with the move - what a lot of work.

Cassie said...

Looks like I got beat to it and was going to say sweet Bethany! Good luck with the move and look forward to seeing your new place. xx

LizzieBeth said...

I got confused when I saw the title of the post.. I was all.. Beth...???

DUDE. Six days? That is a cah. ray. zee. Good luck madam, and I can't wait to hear about the new digs!


kellyhicks said...

Ack moving is the worst! Good luck!! Can't wait to see your new thrift finds!


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