12 on the 12th // september.

01. Lots of interesting books to read right now, in addition to my textbooks -- hard to pick just one. So I don't. :)
02. Nothing better than spending the entire weekend with Chad. I love that boy.
03. Football season is back -- wahoo! Now we just need those cooler temps. to go with it.
04. Mitch Hedberg on Youtube. Chad + I spent 20 minutes on Saturday night watching his stand-up. I am saved by the buoyancy of citrus.
05. BKFST might have the most delicious eye-candy I have ever seen. I have saved so many recipes to my files.
06. One thing that I can't wait for during Christmas: She + Him announced a Christmas album.
07. Saw Crazy, Stupid Love on Friday night. Loved it. It's lives up to the hype.
08. My hair is at this awkward stage where I don't know whether to wear it up or down since I don't like either. I do like this one though.
09. Baking bread is one of my favorite things about having our own kitchen.
10. Still thinking about 9/11. Everyone reflected differently -- blog posts. facebook updates. tweets. Bible passages. Staying quiet + reading all those personal stories worked well for me. As a 13 yr. old when it happened, I didn't understand the magnitude of the events that day until much later.
11. This print is so true. So true. Hard to not panic + freak out from school, so I wrote it down in my planner to glance at during the day.
12. A little tired of listening to the same ol' tracks -- any music recommendations for my daily 22 minute drive to school?


LizzieBeth said...

I adore that hairstyle! Who am I kidding, I adore everything that LC does.. I have such a girl crush on her.

I thought about writing a post on 9/11, but I don't know how to capture my feelings. The images, the devastation-- it's so fresh to me. I almost wish I was younger so I didn't understand exactly what was happening; however at 20 years old, I knew exactly how our world was changing forever. it still cuts me to the core, even a decade later.

I am so ready for Christmas too. AND the cooler temps!!


Jamie said...

I don't believe in picking just one book either!

Have you heard: All Night Chemists, Matt Kearney or The Low Anthem or Matt Bauer? I've been enjoying them all.

Cassie said...

Completely forgot it was the 12th today and wanted to join in with a photography post - might I sneak in a belated one tomorrow?

Love your list of things though, can I recommend Adele for your music collection if you haven't already listened to her new album. And I can't wait to see Crazy, Stupid Love when it comes out in the cinema here at the end of the month -think I will just be able to waddle in by then!

Happy Monday.

Gracie said...

Oh I wish I could do my hair in their hairstyle. There are so many pretty hairstyles that I'd like to try but they never really work with me (or maybe I'm too impatient).

So glad you won the giveaway. But I need your details (just email me) so I can send it out to you :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That hairstyle makes me wish I had long hair again....

kimbirdy said...

oh that hair tutorial is so chic! love it. and i can't WAIT for the she & him christmas album. i have a feeling it's going to be my favorite. :)

it totally depends on the style of music you like, but going off she & him, i'd recommend artists like katie herzig, the little ones, mirah, or zee avi. those are just some random musicians i like and think would be fun before class.

rebecca said...

Ben rector has a new cd out. kinda John Mayerish, if you like that sort of thing. i get so bored with music too quickly.

Vanessa said...

I have so many books to read and I just can't seem to pick where I'd like to start!

Also She + Him Christmas Album?! Best news of today!!

As for music recs, depends on what you like! I've been in a mellow mood lately so I've been listening to Adele, A Fine Frenzy, The Civil Wars, City & Colour, and Bon Iver.

Kelly said...

I love the stack of books - so much potential!


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