in the backyard.

I live in our backyard as much as possible in the three precious summer months. It's perfection right now, without those pesky mosquitoes. The patio of concrete and surrounding grass turns into our everything -- kitchen, laundromat, dining room table, and living room couch (for those afternoon naps after work).

Everything is so much calmer when living out here: meals are eaten slower, books and blog posts written by friends (i.e. you!) are read with more purpose and thought, laundry is folded right from the line, and more breaks are taken in the day to escape and lay out on our blue comforter feeling the bumps of dirt underneath me and the sun warm up my pale arms and legs.

Fewer distractions. That's what I'm striving for this summer.

Photo Credit: Chad + iPhone.


Meghan said...

That sounds soooo relaxing! I try to spend as much time on the balcony as possible in the summer!

Meri said...

I constantly have to remind myself to relax in the summer- its so easy to get all caught up in cabin weekends, bbqs, and all of that jazz. I want everything in your picture and description!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love this post!

Am so excited to lay on the lawn, read a book, drink an iced tea... and have all the time in the world!

I do love laundry fresh off the clothesline too.

Jamie said...

I'm sitting out side right now reading your post. It is a bit too cold, but worth it to hear the birds and see the lake

Vanessa said...

I look forward to having a backyard one day so I can do all these wonderful things! For now, we go to the park usually once on the weekend, lay on a blank, soak in the sun, and read. 8)

vintch said...

you and me both! just being outside is such a grand release, isn't it? i absolutely love it. especially in early evening when the heat isn't so awful. if only it wasn't raining in n.c. right now!

p.s. your comments on my blog make me smile from ear to ear. you are an angel and make my days!

katOUT said...

i agree. its heaven isnt it? everyone is always a bit happier when summer time roles around!!

christa said...

So jealous! It's been too hot here. And my neighbors can see my every move.

alli/hooray said...

Yes to this entire post! We just added a little patio area and it's so nice to sit and enjoy the sun and summer air.


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