year one.

 Trying to gather all my thoughts on marriage into one blog post is proving to be rather difficult. I simply can't believe that Chad and I were married one year ago on the 15th. I sometimes have to stop what I'm doing and marvel to myself--How did God know he was my match? How did He know I needed to have this man be mine for my whole life?


When we were first married, admittedly, I got very nervous about marriage and being so independent with him. The only other examples I had of married life were my parents, in-laws, grandparents---people who had been married for 29+ years (some even more than sixty!). These wives were remarkable in my eyes. They had all the kinks smoothed out: they knew which day was 'laundry day', how to tell if a roast is done or not (heck, they know how to make a roast), how to sew a button onto a blouse, how to work with yeast; how to make sure their husbands go out the door with full bellies and happy hearts. To me, these were all things that so-called married people do. Yeah, I thought that married life was a little intimidating. 

It took my several crying meltdowns in the first few months (one complete with wailing on the couch saying to Chad "I just can't do it all!"--pathetic I know) to realize that learning how to be a wife takes time. It didn't come naturally right away for these women. I don't see how the Proverbs 31 wife would have made coverings for her bed and linen garments straight outta the gate. 

I had my own task at hand: How to be Married. What worked for the moms and grandmas in their marriages just wasn't going to work for us (right away at least). We had to find our groove, settle into our marriage and use the guidance of our parents and God's Word to set us on our path. We have had to create our marriage so that we are both happy. 

It's true that no one gives you a handbook entitled  "How to Be a Wife". I just had to figure it all out on my own. The biggest blessing I have is that Chad is my husband. He is the one who is level-headed, patient, full of compassion and love for me and our marriage. Without him, I would be one miserable half of a whole. We pray every night that our life together is (and will continue to be) full of blessings. 

And, I am happy to report that after one year of being married I know that we do laundry whenever we have time & the basket is full, I have successfully roasted a chicken, sewing a button is not difficult, we have not bought sandwich bread for the last six months (thanks to Summer!) and my husband goes to work with a smile on his face because he kisses me right before he's out the door. 


I thought it would be interesting to get insight into other bloggers' first years of marriage so I've rounded some up and will be sharing their experiences once a week on my blog. Check back tomorrow for the first post in my guest series: The First Year of Marriage...


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

=-) This post makes me happy. And so does that picture! You were a gorgeous bride!

*claire* said...

i LOVE your dress. absolutely beautiful!! and is your blog header an image of your bouquet?? gorgeous.

and what a lovely way to summarize your first year - you're right, it's the LOVE part that really matters - the rest just works out :)

Learning to Simply Live said...

Amanda, I too have been married about a year and am on the same page as you. I cried. I gave up. I said I couldn't do this. But it has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

I am glad to hear that someone out there shares my experiences. Can't wait to hear from your guest bloggers.

a midwestern belle said...

Such a beautiful picture and thoughtful post!

Lauryn said...

This is such a sweet post. I'm not married yet, but I can imagine that it's a huge adjustment. It must be comforting to know during that process that your best friend is by your side to see you through it all!

Jenna Lou said...

Congrats on your first year. John and I just celebrated ours on the 8th. I loved this post because it reminded me that not having all the kinks worked out from the beginning is normal and natural. Thank God for our patient other halves!

bethany said...

Oh, happiest anniversary to you too! :)

Although I'm not married, when thinking about marriage I've had so many of those scary moments where I'm quite sure I just WON'T be able to do it all. But, its reassuring to know that I'm not the only one! :)

So excited to read this series!


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