day two of summer vacation.

Starting off my summer vacation with:

these blackberry-lime muffins. They are all kinds of good.
laundry hanging on our makeshift clothesline (a.k.a a yellow rope tied to our posts). Still gets the job done.
curled hair. Celebrating the end of the school year tonight with Chad's family.
one summer class. Never fear though, it's online so I get to finally save on gas money!
a graduation party for my cousin's husband tomorrow who graduated from seminary.
a whole afternoon being outside (playing Angry Birds on my computer). Love the feeling of the warm sun on my pale legs and arms.

I ask you--Is there any better smell in the spring than that of lilacs? There is a big bush right behind our house's privacy fence that is just starting to flower and it is di-vine coming out on the patio and write a blog post while sniffing the lilac-filled air.


Micaela said...

cheers to the end of the school year and celebrations tonight!!!

yesterday i was feeling ever so restless that i decided to take our lab mix for a run... the best part of all was passing by and smelling some of the flowers along the way, lilacs included. beautiful.


herecomesthesun said...

So nice to cyber-meet another married blogger! gosh there are a lot of us :) Your site is beautiful x

Meri said...

The lilacs are finally blooming around here too- they are the best!

*claire* said...


congrats on the end of the school year! i'm sure you're loving the break! (even if you have your own class to deal with!)

Megan said...

Oh I am so jealous!! What I WOULD give to be going into Summer and not winter. Enjoy your vacation.

kerri lynne said...

i love lilacs! and i was apprehensive about taking online classes, but now i'm hooked. so nice to be able to do your classwork without ever leaving home!

Vanessa said...

Lilacs smell amazing! It's one of my mom's favorite flowers!

Happy summer to you!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Jealous, I'll bet they smell amazing!

Kelly said...

Yellow rope laundry? Love it :)


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