top five and a sidenote.

For as long as I've know her, Meghan at The Perfect Compilation Tape has created a little brightness at her space on Thursdays with her Top 5 Thursdays. This Thursdays topic of Top 5 Dream Vacations was too tempting to pass up, so I'm linking up to her.

I think the dream vacation that we are going to at the end of July (eek!) is about as dreamy as can be since we will be staying in Brussels, Paris, and London during our 10-day journey. Regrettably, we did have to cut some locations that were just too far away for us. We couldn't justify spending our precious hours on a train or plane for that long.

So if we had more time (and more money for that matter) here are the Top 5 European Vacation Stops We Would Add to Our Dream Vacation:

Rome, Italy

Berlin, Germany

Edinburgh, Scotland

Prague, Czech Republic

Vienna, Austria

You see?! There is no way we can get to all the places on our must-see list. We are so blessed with the chance to go on such an incredible honeymoon (as Chad likes to call it).
Link up with Meghan if you wish and share in all the wanderlust...

Sidenote: Before I close on this fun topic that Meghan dreamed up, I wanted to send out prayers to all those in the South who have had to go through this devastating series of tornadoes. (Click here for the full story from CNN.) I have never had to go through a weather-related experience like this, so I can only sympathize will all those who are without power, food, and a home today. Makes me all the more thankful to God that I do have these things today.


star said...

Umm, I want to go to all these places too! Especially Italy! Vienna and Prague look amazing!!

Meghan said...

Your trip sounds incredible! I am so excited for you! I really loved Paris when I was there, but have never been to London or Brussels.

Thanks for linking up!

Jamie said...

Ah, now I'm dreaming of a magical European adventure of my own!

Dionne said...

Oooh, I love Europe! But I haven't been to Italy or Scotland, but loved Germany and Austria. Greece and Switzerland were my favorites though. But I really wanna go to Italy, especially for the food!!!!


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