jotting down some thoughts.

This break is doing me a world of good. I am getting a vacation and I love it. There is nothing like waking up without an alarm clock and getting to drink an entire cup of coffee for breakfast. There is also nothing like cleaning out the craft space and coming up with new ideas....

:: I have been so inspired by bloglovin these past couple days. There are some really incredible engagement photo shoots that people have discovered. Bobbi and Mike featured their annual top 50 and Lillian found this holi color engagement shoot. (Kinda want to do this for a party sometime soon. Throwing color on people seems like it would be a good time.)

:: When Chad + I are together all we talk about is Europe. Our friend Danielle came by last week and gave us tips + suggestions on what to do when over there. We've narrowed it down to London (and surrounding areas), Paris, and Brussels (with a day trip over to Bruges). We will spend most of our time in London and will probably do some day trips in England. All we do is look at plane routes, browse spotted by locals, record anything England-related on the Travel Channel, and compose a lengthy document of what we want to see when over there. We are completely excited. :)

::All I did the past 48 hours was read this book. Anyone else heard of it? Book report to come soon. Let me just say I was pleasantly surprised how engrossing it is. I kept telling my dad that he has to read this book.

P.S. When browsing blogs this week, go ahead and stop by Jamie's where she announced a swap (a favorite thing of mine about the blogging world). I am signing up...will you?

print found at this pin.


Jamie said...

Thanks for spreading the word!

You will love Europe! I did a day in Bruges a few years ago - so much FUN!

Megan said...

Oh Paris is just amazing, its my second favourite city in the world only outdone by Edinburgh. Will definitely be checking out the swap :-)

marta said...

amanda.. thank you for your kind words today. i love that you loved Unbroken. my father-in-law hasn't stop talking about it. i definitely think i need to pick it up. glad you guys had fun celebrating the big birthday. that cake looks amazing.


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