ingredients for a happy morning.

number one. Have the day off. See that it's snowing outside. Make half a pot of coffee and drink it all with vanilla caramel creamer. Eat toast and grapes while browsing your bloglovin. Comment on your favorite posts.

number two. Watch the SATC series finale. Love Paris + that beautiful language. And Carrie's fashion in part deux. My favorites: the black and white striped ruffled flower shirt, the seafoam green tulle dress, the red + black polka dot dress, and of course the gray dress.

number three. Do your schoolwork. This doesn't seem like it would be something you enjoy, but then you realize you only have three days left before spring break. And you realize that some of your homework involves going through Scholastic order forms like you are in second grade again. :)


Melanie's Randomness said...

I watch Angel the TV series in the morning and it always makes me happy. I watch SATC before I go to bed and it makes me happy too!

Jamie said...

A perfect recipe

Johanna said...

Oh Scholastic! I loved that order form and still flip through it when I see it at my sister's place.
Happy day off!

ashley maureen said...

love all of this. cozy days inside are the best, especially when filled with these good things!!

Meghan said...

Oh my. Carrie's fashion in the final episode = to die for.

Micaela said...

YES YES YES!!! (well maybe not to the last one per say... but it needs to get done so kudos for you doing just that! ;) lol)



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