in my mind and soul.

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Among all the lesson plan assignments, the bread baking, the laundry folding, the dish washing, the recipe making, the Top Chef watching, one thought is above all of these. No matter what I'm doing today, our devotion reading last night is sticking out in my brain. It was exactly what I needed to hear yesterday and today. I had to refocus on Jesus and his extraordinary death....

An excerpt below:

"His (Christ's) mind was clear, and at the very end, he cried with a loud, clear voice. This indicates that he did not die as a result of his wounds. He did not die because he had to. He died because he willed it. Death did not come to him, but, uniquely, he came to death. ....He voluntarily surrendered himself to such a death. 
His was no ordinary death." 


Meri said...

Busy busy bee! But it sounds like you have found some perspective/ balance.
Gorgeous photo, too.

Jamie said...

Absolutely beautiful and profound, thanks for sharing.

Brittany said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! i love that photo and this is such a nice post with such great words.... by the way, your pasta is making me hungry!! :) looks so good

Anna of IHOD said...

Such beautiful quote. Good for me to hear and remind myself of this. We forget that his love for us is so personal. And we can be too busy to remember him.
Hope you have a lovely week Amanda!


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