12 on the 12th.

So yes, I only have one picture and not twelve. The lighting is terrible in my house today...it's snowing which means it's cloudy (not ideal for taking pictures next to my favorite window). After the weatherman got my hopes up by telling me that the temps were going to be in the 40s this weekend, he forgets to mention that snow was in the forecast. Evil weatherman. So here's what I would've taken pictures of if it was bright + sunny (like it was supposed to be) :)

01. Chad in his new Kenneth Cole charcoal gray coat that he got for 80% off. We likey good deals.
02. My new vintage yellow tray from Hope. I can't wait until spring roles around so that I can dress it up with vases filled with daisies.
03. Arrested Development on Netflix. It's our favorite thing to watch while eating dinner.
04. My Neutrogena powder. Love it--my daily must-have.
05. The hearts in our window. It's so sweet to see them when I walk up the sidewalk into the front door.
06. This week's issue of the Sports Illustrated. One of us is very happy right now.
07. All our meal ideas written on the whiteboard. Am trying to be better about planning things out...
08. Karma sleeping on the back of our chair. One day this past week, she laid there from the time I left for school to the time that Chad got home for work.
09. Bloglovin'. I broke up with Google Reader, and I'm loving my new relationship. Seriously, think about it...
10. Chad has been announcing for high school basketball games and loves it (a little bit of a huge dream is being met here, folks.)
11. My new half-apron. Now I feel like a grown-up housewife in the kitchen.
12. And of course, my long pink scarf. I didn't count, but I think I wore it 4 times this week :)

Enjoy the 12th, friends!


Meri said...

We actually did get sun today, and it was such a mood booster. At least its warmer today!

Trulymegs said...

I hope you don't mind if I 'follow' you. I took a look at some of your older posts and they seemed so fun and colorful!

Anonymous said...

Love how you did this :) I hope you get some sunshine!

Miranda said...

Okay. I'm going to check out Blog Lovin'. Seriously, you've convinced me and now I'm going to go see what the fuss is about.

Isn't it great that when you don't have to bother with a camera, all of your pictures turn out perfect! I love the glimpse into your day even without the pics!

Claire Kiefer said...

I am so curious about bloglovin. I keep seeing bloggers say they're using it now, but I've yet to discover the appeal. What is it??

Love the pink scarf. :)

Laurel said...

Love the pink scarf! And even though we've seen it several times through, we still watch Arrested Development over and over on Netflix.

amy gretchen said...

some days are just like this. i am glad you wrote down what your day was like instead of skipping it all together.

love arrested development.
i think i've broken up with google reader too.


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