not rocket science.

There is no way you (and by you, I mean myself) can screw up trail mix. It is one of the simplest snacks out there.  That also means that it's one of the tastiest snack out there (the two seem to go hand in hand, right?).

I am one of the most annoying people when it comes to eating trail mix. First, I hog it all (seriously--with me you gotta buy your own bag).  And second, I pick out all the stuff that I don't like (and then proceed to give it to Chad. He always gets extra raisins and hazelnuts that way.)

What I like in my trail mix:
pretzels. m & ms (the only snack where you can eat them guilt-free--hey, you're eating the good stuff too!). peanuts. mixed nuts (along with the extra peanuts). dried cranberries. almonds.

Ideas for next time:
sunflower seeds. cheerios. yogurt covered nuts. dried apricots. clusters of granola. cheese crackers. marshmallows. banana chips. teddy grahams.

Put in individual containers for an on-the-go household (like mine!)


Shannon said...

AKA things that don't stand a chance against me. I LOVE trail mixes...but will sit an eat a whole bag...trying to convince myself that trail = hiking = I'm actually exercising by eating it.

delia said...

I can snack on that kind of stuff all day :)


Dionne said...

Trail Mix is my FAVE snack. I love it! Yumminess!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Haha, I totally pick out the things I don't like and make hubby eat them.

Alivia said...

Ohhh this post makes me super hungry! When am I not hungry, though? Haha :)
I'm glad we share the laundry-interest. I'll come fold your clothes sometime! Pandora has definitely helped my love for folding.

christa said...

That looks amazing! I am always searching for easy snacks to throw in my bag.

Thanks for your compliments on the anniversary party! It was a lot of fun!

Jamie said...

YUM! Why don't I ever think of making it on my own.

Diana Mieczan said...

I so should make trail mixes this weekend..I also love mixing pretzels with m&m's and nuts:) Happy Friday,sweetie

Mandy said...

Such a great post. And m&m's are the best with trail mix.


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