excited me.

Rach and Amanda. I think this is the last picture we took together...back in 2006!!

For the first time in five long years (in about 1ish days), my best friend and I will share a time zone.

Finally. She is movin' back.

You know that feeling you get when you know that something exciting is going to happen and you can't seem to contain yourself? I started having that feeling yesterday when walking to my dentist's office. My smile started getting wider and wider (and my mood started getting better and better).

We finally get to have our friendship back! One that doesn't revolve around text messages, Facebook comments, and the occasional phone call. Instead we get a new start--discovering new movies to love, new chats to have, and new laughs to share.

I could not be more excited.  Needless to say, I'm having a pretty good Friday... how is yours going? :) 


Cassie said...

How amazing it will be to be able to renew your friendship! A great moment to end the week on.

Wishing you a equally fabulous weekend.

Jamie said...

How exciting! I hope you are able to enjoy lots of fun time together.

LizzieBeth said...

OMG, you look like such a baby in that picture! How old are you when it was taken?

That must be so exciting!! I have a friend who has been living outside of Atlanta for about 5 years now, and I wish she'd move back to Philly :-/


Laura said...

Yay! Where is Rachel planning to live?

Laura said...

Oh, and please tell her I would like to be her Facebook friend but can't seem to find her.

Meghan said...

Aww! That is exciting news! I am sure you have many amazing times to look forward to!

Brittany said...

such a fun a creative blog! love it!
if you have a second take a look at mine and become a follower :)


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Awh that's so lovely. I have goosebumps. x hivennn p.s enter my double vintage camera giveaway?


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