set your dvr...

If you ever need a Christmas movie to watch, this weekend especially is your chance (two classics!). Thanks to TV Guide, I have my DVR to record these four (since, you know, I'll be doing homework + studying, we're planning on saving them up and watching them when I need I break.) And since my little city is supposed to get 6-10" of snow on Saturday, I'll be snuggled on the couch with my love all weekend :)

Tune in:
12.11 It's a Wonderful Life / NBC / 7pm
12.11 White Christmas / AMC / 945pm
12.16 A Charlie Brown Christmas / ABC / 7pm
12.24 A Christmas Story / TBS/ 7pm (24-hour marathon)

Sidenote: For Christmas Eve, my sister-in-law makes sure the channel is set on TBS. A Christmas Story is her favorite movie, and our little tradition is to watch is all night long. We watch it once together, and then the kids stay up and watch it three or four more times. :)


Jamie said...

It is entirely possible I am the only person on earth who has never seen It's a Wonderful Life

Meri said...

My best friend and I spent an entire day memorizing and rehearsing the "sisters, sisters" routine from White Christmas one year. Now I have to watch it whenever its on :)

Laura {Brand New Housewife} said...

I think I've convinced Eli to watch THREE of these movies with me. Yay!

Meghan said...

"White Christmas" is my absolute favorite!!!

RN Mama said...

I can hardly wait for the Christmas Story marathon, I love that movie!!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Yay! My family and I watch It's a Wonderful Life every year on Christmas :) xo


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