if you really love Christmas, c'mon and let it snow.

Can I just tell you a couple things?

* I love the blogging world around the holidays. (To be honest, I love the blogging world every day.) These people just show their Christmas spirit in such a unique way. I'm so glad I get to be a guest in spaces that share their favorite holiday traditions, holiday DIYs (now that I'm such a crafter...), and why they love Christmas. I think it makes me appreciate the season that much more.

* I love the Target commercial below...don't you think the girl is simply adorable?

* I love that this semester is almost over. Let me tell you though, it's going to be a challenge to get everything done it time. Chad came to drop off supper at my work tonight and we tried to figure out when we could go Christmas shopping for his + my family. I don't have a free night until the week of Christmas (which, my school decided would be the perfect week to have finals). Oh well, someday I'll look back on this time in my life as wonderfully...full. Right? :)

* I love that it's the weekend tomorrow after work. I love that I'll be getting my holiday mixes done and out in the mail (will post that, don't worry). I love that I'll be watching It's a Wonderful Life on Saturday night (thanks for the tip, Summer). I love that I'll be waking up on Saturday morning with Chad--we'll finally get to have breakfast together!

* What are you loving, friends?
P.S. Does anyone else watch Love Actually around the holidays? I do (alone of course because Chad has put in his time and seen it with me about 5 times) and I cry every. single. time.


Nikki said...

Hi Amanda! I've been meaning to leave you a comment--but have never gotten further than reading your latest posts! :-) My chalkboard frame was made by Courtney @ acottagefamily.blogspot.com--I bought it from her booth at Farm Chicks this past summer. I'm hoping the adorableness of the repurposed window makes up for my consistently rightward-sloping handwriting!

Jenny said...

I too am in love with this Target commercial makes me want to throw a classy Christmas party!

Jamie said...

Love Actually and The Holiday are staples at my house this time of year.


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