sending cheer.

I told you I would share our Christmas cards! I'm still waiting on stamps, but will hopefully have them all sent out by tomorrow. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!) One of my favorite traditions is sending and receiving Christmas cards. I think it comes from my mother who sends Christmas cards every year with a picture + a little note. And, when the extended family gets together, I spend half an hour looking at my aunt's and grandma's cards. It's definitely a tradition and I will (hopefully) carry on every year.

We chose one of our wedding pictures (taken by the talented Jeff) and this Bible passage: For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2:11)

The back of the card was blank, so I just wrote a little phrase: 
May the joy and peace of Christ's birth be with you now and throughout the new year. Love from, Chad & Amanda

And if I could have, I would have sent each one of you a Christmas card ($0.44 x 170 isn't really in the budget, youknowwhatImean?) :)


LizzieBeth said...

I love the card!

Every year I think of taking our picture and sending these kinds of cards. But then I'm not sure if people wanna see our mugs. Hmm.

Yours are beautiful. I wish I had done this.



Nikki said...

Your cards are really pretty! I sent out Christmas cards one year when I was single, and that's it. I love getting them and, like you, poring over the ones at my mom's house, but it seems like an expensive way to get your face on someone's wall for a month. Know what I mean?? Am I being Grinch-y about this?!

bethany said...

Turned out soooo cute! I can't wait to get hitched someday. Sending out cards when solo feels lame. Although, once upon a time, Megan O. sent me a Christmas card with a photo of her and her Charlie Brown tree. It was so hilarious, I wanted to hug her.

Lovely cards! :)

Johanna said...

Thanks for sharing! I love your card! Happy first married Christmas! YOu have to get one of those Hallmark "1st married xmas " ornaments

Shannon said...

Gorgeous! And darn those stamps huh? Merry Christmas!!

Meghan said...

Gorgeous card!

paula said...

How beautiful! Happy New Year!

Vanessa said...

What a beautiful card! I adore it!


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