What to Give: Volume II

Hello readers!

Volume II of What to Give is for my dad.

You might appreciate this list if you have someone to shop for who:
  • is a grandpa. and Loves it.
  • is a science guy. 
  • is into coffee {decaf for him} and any sort of nut. {peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios...he likes them all}
  • is into gardening. and fishing. and golfing {anything to get his body outdoors}
  • is a sports fan. {Minnesota through and through.}
  • likes funny things. {One night, he looked through about 25 pages of people of walmart.}

In Case You're Interested:
01. The Complete Illustrated History of the Minnesota Twins. $19.80
02. Air Plant. $12.75
03. Teak Herb Planters. $19.95
04. Sammy Decaf Jr. (Fair Trade Organic) Coffee. $13.95
05. Grandpa Tee. $28.00
06. Geek Clock. $25.00
07. Herb Seed Bombs. $7.00
08. Sweet and Spicy Pecans. $8.00


Jamie said...

That T-shirt might be perfect for my dad - he's impossible to buy for.

Krystal said...

Ok, I know someone who would love that geek clock, thanks!

bethany said...

Love air plants. Could anything be more perfect than a plant that needs little to no attention? :)

LizzieBeth said...

My neices and nephew call my dad "Pop". Someone found him a shirt that says "POP: The man. The myth. The Legend" and he wears it on the daily. hehhehe



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