this week...

As the holidays creep closer, my weeks fill up more and more. How fair is that? Oh, well.  :)

Here's what I'm looking forward to this week:
  • first off: Conan! I love this man. I already have my DVR set to record every hilarious episode. For more Conan, check out his article in Rolling Stone and Conan through the years. Also, you can check out his Team Coco website were you can see Conan wash his desk. :) 
  • starting the long process of addressing + writing out my Christmas cards. I am hoping to get these and my thank-you notes done before the new year. We'll see how close I get to that goal.
  • making + planning some winter meals for Chad and I. Rachael Ray's magazine is completely inspiring me today. When I was reading it, I would shout out at least 15 recipes I wanted to try before Chad had to kindly tell me to can it.
  • wearing my new coat. I have been shivering on my way to class, so it was time. It's on the unglamorous and  practical side of the coat world {reversible and two coats in one}, but I got it for an insane deal. 
  • watching the 25 Worst Infomercials of All Time with Chad. Chad is such an infomercial fan--we will most likely be watching these right before bed and giggling.
Enjoy your week in November, my friends!


::Hannah:: said...


Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm giving him a shot! I used to catch him now & again but I'll give him a chance. The commercials were too funny!!

LizzieBeth said...

It makes me feel better that you have not gotten out your thank you notes yet. Mine are all written, however we are still waiting on the photographer to give us our digital negatives so we can include a picture.

Oooo.. I heart me some Rachel Ray recipes. Let me know if you've got any goodies!


bethany said...

Totally splurged on a new coat, too! The weather in Menomns (as I call it) is really busting my butt. Especially when I leave my evening classes. Eeek.

I've been eying up the latest RR mag...maybe I'll snag that one on my next grocery store trip. :)

Jamie said...

I'm so impressed with people who still do Christmas cards. I got fed up of never having physical addresses, so I cheat and send e-cards now - but still LOVE when I get an actual card from a friend.

Toni Tralala said...

I have been waiting for this show too! I missed him when he had to leave his show. I just always loved his humor. :)

It's getting chilly nowadays. Grab some scarves! :)


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