our prayer.

photo credit: etsy (am unsure where, please leave comment if you know so that I may give proper credit). 
Today, along with so many others, Chad and I are celebrating Thanksgiving with a prayer.

Lord, you have blessed us this year with countless gifts that we can't even being to try and count them all up. You have blessed us with a spouse who cares about our needs and who makes an effort to help us remember how loved we are, a family who lives so close to us, two trusty cars that get us to work and school, a bank account that has not dwindled over our first seven months of marriage (we've never had to deal with the stress of debt and that is a huge blessing), and jobs that are secure in this insecure world, luxuries that we have in our house and in our free time, .

You have given us all that we need and more. When we are reflecting on our year of blessings, we see Your gracious hand in everything and Your timing in all our decisions.

Most of all Lord, thank You for forgiving us every day. For giving us Your Son and for giving us assurance that we will be joining You in Heaven, our true Creator. Help us to praise and to rely on Your Word in times of stress and in times of gratefulness.


Krystal said...

what beautiful words :)

Diana Mieczan said...

What a beautiful post:) Kisses and wish you a wonderful Holiday weekend

Meghan said...

What a beautiful prayer! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

paula said...

I have been feeling overwhelmingly blessed lately. so thankful.


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