Are you enjoying your Halloween weekend?

Here are some eye candy treats that I found which I think will help:
*I made this apple crisp on Wednesday. It's divine.
*Lauren Conrad has the best style.
*These are some gorgeous ballerinas. I wish I saw graceful people like this on my way to school.
*I wish I had Dumb and Dumber poster.
*Don't you want to dine on a table like this? Look at that view!
*Some people are so clever--look how they made Facebook and Twitter look vintage.
*Of course, Michael Jackson's Thriller is a must this weekend. Watch the video below {it's the long version, so snuggle up and watch it with friends}:

P.S. Happy Halloween! I hope my sons are this cute when they dress up someday. They will have an adorable mama, though.


Meghan said...

Happy Halloween to you as well!

Jamie said...

Nothing kicks off halloween that a viewing of Thriller!


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