shut. the. front. door.

The words of Rachel Zoe describe these streusel topped blueberry muffins perfectly. They are delectable and so simple to make {no butter used in the actual muffins either!} I made them on Thursday and am so glad I did.  For the lighter version, click here. If you want to make the original version, search your Betty Crocker cookbook that you have in your cupboard somewhere {you know you have one...}

Enjoy! You will. Trust me. 

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summer said...

ooh.. i have blueberries right now! and that lighter version looks super good- whole wheat flour and applesauce. mmm! this is too tempting and too perfect. thank you, amanda!

ps. my mom used to make sun tea too! such a sweet childhood memory of mine.. the pitcher sitting out on the sidewalk. love it.

pps. would love to see your cute thrifted pitcher! (mine is thrifted too- can't beat that.)


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