one year older.

A guilt-free birthday cupcake

Today is the day when I get to eat a cupcake. I get cards. I get phone calls from siblings singing me "Happy Birthday". I get Facebook messages filled with well-wishes and XOXO's. I get to buy my father-in-law a gift. I get to go to the local thrift shop and find my birthday present to myself: the perfect glass pitcher.

Today is the first birthday I have a husband for...I wonder what he'll do??

Here's the list. The birthday list of things I what to get done before the next 8/4.

22 things to accomplish when I'm 22.

01. mail out all the wedding thank-you notes.
02. create and send out Christmas cards for our first Christmas.
03. do a giveaway on this blog.
04. go on a random, surprising, unplanned road trip with hubs.
05. make a homemade pizza.
06. paint something with chalkboard paint. perhaps a gift for uj's 2nd birthday.
07. purchase a new TV with the mr. Man, have we been doing research.
08. fill my cupboards with more fiestaware.
09. buy a new camera. ever since i saw marta's review I've wanted a new one.
10. get my haircut again. short this time.
11. finish my first year in my new school.
12. host a family dinner at my house. parents and then one for the in-laws.
13. buy more prints via etsy.
14. find my perfect purse. must meet my specific super-anal criteria.
15. fill my closet with the wardrobe essentials that fit my body type.
16. do more thrift store shopping and garage sale-ing to find perfect items for c/a's house.
17. buck up and find my perfect lipstick shade.
18. learn my true bra-size. {males: it's true..I don't know of any woman that knows their size}
19. develop the habit of bringing my reusable canvas bags to the grocery store.
20. force my dad  ask dad sweetly to teach me how to crochet. use knowledge to make a scarf.
21. find the perfect blazer. one that will carry through every season.
22. become a frequent farmer's market goer.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Barack. I feel like our birthday date is now famous.  :)


Jennifer said...

I've learned the trick to remembering my canvas grocery bags is to put them in my truck as soon as I unload them. That way they are always handy and ready to go! (Assuming I remember that they are in my trunk when I reach the grocery store!)

swell.life said...


danielle said...


Can we chalkboard paint something together? I found directions for making your own mix, and I've really been wanting to try it out!

Also, if you find the perfect blazer, let me in on your secret. Maybe we could even go on a blazer-seeking expedition together... Oh the possibilities.

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday love!!! I hope you have an amazing day!

& I love your list! Can't wait to see you start to accomplish them!!

Creativechaos said...


I'd like a blog post on your ideal purse!

Yelena R. said...

Happy Birthday! Have the best day ever!

Jessica O'Brien said...

what a fun day to discover your blog! happy birhtday!!!

great list of 22 things! some tips:
5. don't know if you live in an area w/ Trader Joes, but their dough (fridge section) is a great base for homemade pizza!
17. i have never regretted a chanel lipstick purchase. worth every penny.
18. so true!
21. bcbg sale rack.

have a great day!

xo, jessica

Mandy said...

What an awesome list! Happy Birthday cute girl.

Anneliese said...

happy birthday!!

good luck with number 11! as for #18...go into victoria secret! they will measure you for free AND i have never regretted spending the extra $$ on their stuff! ;)

LizzieBeth said...

Happy Birthday Lady!!

Make #18 the first thing. I'm telling you, having the correct bra on is the most eye-opening experience! You will be so much happier!! And "the ladies" will look amazing.


Laura said...

L-O-V-E this list. :)

Jennalou said...

Great list! I need to do this one year.

I have to comment on #18. I just did this for the first time ever right before my wedding. It is life changing!! It boosted my self confidence and made my clothes look better too. Don't wait... it's so worth it!

Happy *late* Birthday.


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