on my plate.

I love watching the cream/coffee mingle. One little pleasure of mine.

The above picture is my breakfast for today. Toast with butter + honey and peanut butter + strawberry jam. I'm always trying to find new combos to put on my multi-grain to make it even more delicious. The classic pb + j is one that I'll always love.

In the glass is our homemade iced coffee. We've been making it daily and can't. get. enough. In our opinion, it's better than McDonald's {and about 1.50 cheaper per cup}.

We brew a pot the night before,
pour it in a pitcher,
add a little sugar for sweetness {while it's still hot so that it dissolves completely},
let it cool overnight,
pour it into a thermos the next morning right before work {adding ice cubes to the cup},
adding creamer if desired {I desire, C doesn't desire. Sometimes he does add a little chocolate sauce, but he's more of a straight-out-of-the-coffee-pot kind of drinker}.

My figurative plate is full today too. I'll be busy with household to-dos {laundry, dishes, vacuuming, putting everything in the right place}, a lunch date with a friend {so excited to show her wedding pictures}, dinner, and then C's softball game. 

Finally, I'm lovin' my readers as of late. You guys are so charming and you are just like real-live girlfriends. I am thankful that all of your voices are telling me that you liked Inception too, you have new school fears too, you love gg just as much as I, you are a list-maker, and you hunger for God's Word. If you feel like talking, I'll be so appreciative. Anything on here that sparks a thought: I'll listen. Blogging is the best. Truly--I enjoy every single comment so so much. 

p.s. It's my birthday tomorrow. Hip hip hooray. Tune in to view my list of 22 things I want to accomplish in my 22nd year.


Vanessa said...

Mmm I need to make me some iced coffee. It is a guilty pleasure for me!

Blogging is the best and I'm glad we've become bloggy-friends! <3<3<3

LizzieBeth said...

That is the best idea for iced coffee. Silly me has been brewing it, and then putting it into the glass with ice cubes-- only to make water-down, luke-warm coffee.

You are a genius.


Meghan said...

I love you for making your own iced coffee - I am inspired!

Happy Early Birthday!!!

Johanna said...

homemade iced coffee is the way to go!
And happy early birthday dear Amanda!


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