the one with the honeymoon recap

We're doing the wedding + honeymoon recap "Pulp Fiction" style {as Chad would say}.We'll start with the honeymoon and work our way back. We went up to Door County, WI and stayed in a charming little town called Ephraim, about a four-hour drive away from our city.

Before I start, here's a little throwback to my childhood {watch up to 0:30}:

I watched this with Chad last night, and he was giving me the "have you lost it?" look because I was laughing so hard. I used to say this to my sister whenever she would talk about her honeymoon :)

Starting off the picture reel is one of Chad and one of me, happy as clams. The whole week, you could tell we had just gotten married: we couldn't stop smiling. And it wasn't just "pose for pictures" smile that we had for some of the wedding pictures, it was "wow, we're so giddy and happy and in love" smiles.

Here are some shots of the signs around Washington Island that we saw while walking around. Yes, walking around. When we were boarding the ferry, we couldn't believe all the people that were paying 25.00 dollars to bring their cars on the ferry. Well, next time up there, we're going to be shelling out that car fee and doing the Washington Island experience right. The island is about 35 square miles and we just thought we'd go to the center of town and hang out there. The center of town consists of  the school, the senior center, and one open restaurant {which we of course ate at since the 2-mile hike there exhausted us}.  That almost 5-mile hike in nearly 8-year-old Puma sneakers caused the biggest blisters on both of Chad's feet. {Sorry if that felt like an over share, but hey, I want to give you the unedited version.}

Next I give you two of the most beautiful pictures I took there.
1st: the sun setting over Peninsula State Park.
2nd: the most calm lake I have ever seen in my life.

Note: we did more on our honeymoon than what these pictures show. We took 3 of our disposable cameras that weren't used up from the wedding, so a lot of our pictures are being developed right now. So in addition to this, I'll have to show you the most amazing pizza we ate, the quaint little coffee shop we went to, the fish boil we experienced, and the view of the trip up there.

Our four days in Door County was everything that we wanted out our honeymoon. Low-key. Relaxing. No Agenda. Jim Rome. Togetherness. Amazing views. Exactly the right time away. Fiestaware. Good Food. An easy first four days of married life.

Mr. & Mrs. H.


**Hannah** said...

LOVE the Boy Meets World clip in there. I canNOT believe that I watched that as a little kid! They even had that show on the DISNEY CHANNEL!!

<3 Always,

Vanessa said...

Hahahahahaha! I love that clip & I LOVE Boy Meets World. I totally miss that show.

Looks like a wonderful honeymoon! Glad you both enjoyed it! & your giddy smiles are adorable!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had an amazing time. Love the Boy Meets World clip. I miss that show.


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