a decor detail.

We've got our first pair of visitors coming over to the house tonight. Chad's cousins are stopping by for pizza, which means I've gotta go and make this place presentable. Before I go, I wanted to show you what they are going to see before they step into our apartment.

I got this welcome mat for Chad this year for Christmas and am so glad that I finally was able to put it out. It's everything I want people to see right before they come in: cheerfulness, color, and charm. Now, I have to find things that I can put around our house that feature the same 3 C's.

Doormat: from Modcloth. Unfortunately, it's not available anymore, but here are some more interesting mats.
Shoes: my wedding flats from Nordstrom. Find more REPORT flats here.


Anneliese said...

wow! i love that rug! AND i really need one...

Meghan said...

Adorable rug AND shoes! A must-have!

Vanessa said...

So cute! Love the flats!!


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