hopping on the bandwagon

Allow me to introduce said bandwagon I'm hopping on: 30 Rock.

With the help on Instant netflix {seriously, a great investment}, I started watching 30 Rock and I haven't stopped. I know that I'll be the only one in our house who will watch it {Chad has a disdain for Alec Baldwin}, but at least I will be able to watch and enjoy. It's the perfect thing to have on when I'm cleaning, or doing art projects for kindergarten. Plus, I think Kenneth is hilarious.  

30 Rock also gives me a chance to watch Tracy Morgan, a.k.a. Brian Fellow. Laura showed me a video of Brian Fellow's Safari Planet a couple years ago, and we laughed so hard when it was on. Haven't seen it? Below is a SNL segment featuring Mr. Fellow courtesy of hulu:

Thanks for brightening up my day, Netflix!


{eleise} said...

LOL...I couldn't live without Netflix...working 10 hr days without it would be agonizing! =/

Laura said...

Yes! 30 Rock! I hesitated because of my disdain for Alec Baldwin, as well...but I got over it pretty quickly because he is just spot-on and hilarious. Tell Chad he should give it a try for a few episodes.

Meghan said...


Hannah said...

Wooohooo! I'm glad you like it! :) Welcome to the parrrtaaay!

Kaylen said...

Ooooh yay! I'm glad you like it, too - Liz Lemon is one of my favorite things.


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