on realizing.

{Happy Earth Day to you! I love that little ones are already learning how cool it is to grow a garden.}

Over the past couple weeks, so much has been going on. You know the drill: wedding planning, school, car shopping, packing.  All these events have lead me to realize some things.
I've realized:

:a v-6 engine will give you more acceleration, but not very good gas mileage. Chad and I are deep into car shopping and compare everything to what Edmunds says or the Kelly Blue Book Value is. {Oh, all this car talk...} The car that is the front runner at the moment is a Ford Escape--it has everything we need at a price that is appealing, but it's a Ford. Ford's have never tickled my fancy in the past, but we'll see.

:I only get to see my kindergartners 4 more times before I graduate. Will soak up every minute of those 16 hours. I will miss walking down the hall like a mama duck leading all her babies.

:this time last year my sister was still pregnant. Now, I get to look forward to UJ's first birthday party next Wednesday. I can't believe how fast a year of life can go.

:speaking of birthdays, it's my older bro's birthday today! 28 Birthday wishes go out to him.

:the reruns of Gilmore Girls on ABC Family is getting to one of my favorite episodes, They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? (I like watching those GG ladies when I'm doing homework or cleaning: my alone time.) This is the one with the dance marathon--the beginning of Jess + Rory.

Today, I'm conquering the wedding to-do list before it conquers me. I've got to go to Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics {I'm surprised we're not on a first name basis yet} and get paper, gift bags, and ribbon.

And would it be so terrible if I used a Target gift card that I got from a bridal shower to buy shampoo and conditioner? I hope not.

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Vanessa said...

Way to be on top of things! How exciting! I totally think it is okay you used your gift card on shampoo and conditioner! Gift cards don't come with agreements to buy certain things! 8)

Kaylen said...

Wow, you are quite a busy lady!

And I have to agree with Vanessa - don't feel bad at all for buying shampoo and conditioner. It's a giftcard for you!


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