Dear UJ: 12 months ago...

{our first meeting}

Hey little boy,

That's what you are. Practically. You are no longer my sister's little peanut who loved curling up into a ball when you slept in my arms. You are one year old. Today. I know it's just another day to you, but to your family, it's an event. Our lives changed so much when you made your appearance. We love having you here in our world. You light up our faces and souls just by smiling and laughing with us. We love seeing you get bigger and seeing you discover your world.

I can't wait for your birthday party tonight...your mom knows how to be the perfect hostess.

I love you, UJammer!


Laura said...

Thanks for coming tonight! It was so much fun to have you all there. :)

Hannah said...

so sweet! They grow way to quickly.

OceanDreams said...

Happy birthday to the little guy, hope you enjoyed the party.


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