look at the stars...

Best Dressed: Rachel McAdams
Best Hair: Cameron Diaz
Best Makeup: Carey Mulligan

Worst Dressed: Charlize Theron
Worst Hair: Sarah Jessica Parker
Worst Makeup: Sandra Bullock {oh that lipstick...}

Tell me: What were your picks?

P.S. Am sending special birthday wishes to my mom...she is indeed the mom-that-does-it-all  :)
 {Don't worry, mom will do it, mom does everything}


Meghan said...

I agree with your best dresses - I loved Rachel McAdams. And SJP??? UGH. I would say she had worst hair AND worst dress!

Johanna said...

thanks for posting these. I actually avoided the Oscars all together but am always curious to see the clothes and hair. I'd have to agree with you on all your votes.
Rachel McAdams is stunning always.

LizzieBeth said...

What about Anna Kendrick? I loved everything about her- the dress, the hair, the make up. She looked stunning.


Vanessa said...

SJP looked horrible. As did Miley.

Happy Birthday to your mommy!!

Laura said...

Agreed. On everything.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

amanda said...

rachel mcadams did everything right!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Loved Rachel McAdams' dress. What was up with SJP's hair??


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