peek into my childhood.

In early January, along with a day trip to Laura's, we also went to see my grandparents. They have lived in the same house since before I was born and it's one of the most familiar places in my world. No, I don't know where the roaster is put after washed, but I do know where to find the chocolate-chip cookies {the most important knowledge when at grandma's, right?}

During our visit, I kept poking around, looking at what my grandma had collected during the last 60+ years of her marriage. I found four different colored Fiesta dinner plates, that inspired my love for them {more about that in a different post, but I'll just say that our Younkers registry is 95.5% Fiesta dinnerware.} I looked through all the old toys that are kept in the basement--which, when we were younger, was the grandkids hangout. I felt a wave of nostalgia when I took these pictures because I thought of five-year-old me playing with all my cousins, after dinner and after opening Christmas presents.

Here's a sampling of the treasures my grandparents have stored in their basement:
I look forward to building up my stock of toys for my future children and grandchildren to play with.


Laura said...

oh, such memories.

you do remember that that's not the original barbie game, right? the original one had pencil scribbles all over the gentlemen. I think they put facial hair on Pointdexter or something like that.

Johanna said...

I especially love that they still have the crayons in the same old box. What a lovely thing to discover.

Melissa said...

Oh man, I used to love Golden Books, especially ones with princess stories!


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