5.15: the BIG 100

{adorableness spotted here...can't wait for this!}

When was the last time that I wrote about my wedding? Four or five months ago?:)

Today is it. Today marks the 100th day until our wedding. It's such a feat to know that after today we'll be in double instead of triple digits. Then time is just going to fly. 

Okay, so it wasn't that long ago, but I still thought that I should chronicle what's been happening with it--I will look back on this in a year or two and will appreciate the details. I think one of the main reasons I haven't been updating the wedding posts so frequently is because I'm out there doing it. I'm out there planning and making decisions about the big day. Checking things off the to-do list. The newly-engaged excitement has worn down so that I can actually think and talk with Chad about what we want instead of gazing at my ring every 2.5 seconds and buying wedding magazines. Did this happen to you, past brides?

Our cake is going to be small and cheap. Chad and I both don't really care about the cake and how it looks, so we'll be getting a simple 6X8 round cake with cupcakes for everyone else. The cake has this cream cheese frosting that is so so divine--that's the whole reason that we're going with a cake in the first place. That darn frosting.

For me, I've always run into the problem that I'm never quite sure which colors look good on me when it comes to makeup. I never know the right foundation shade or what lipstick works with my natural complexion. Luckily, my aunt, who sells Mary Kay products is coming into town this weekend to help me figure all that out.


Done. Tuxes aren't that hard to decide on. It took us one hour to drive there, pick them out, and get Chad measured. Easy-peasy.

In the beginning it was a headache. This was a total DIY process and one that was really hard to get rolling. I relied very heavily on my MOH to measure everything out since she is so precise. I wanted to emboss them but that turned into a frustration that I didn't want to have. {That's my whole goal--to be as calm as possible throughout the whole last 3 months...am doing good so far.} Now we are stamping them and although it's not exactly how I imagined it, it's still turning out really good.

Check. Chad took care of all the arrangements--calling the hotel, asking about any upgrades we can get, booking the room...everything. It was so nice to not have to deal with all that. Now I just get to think about the vacation I get to have with my new husband.

Wedding Bands:
There they are:

We keep them safe in Chad's lock box with an understanding that we will not wear until 5.15. The band Chad chose for me fits perfectly in with my engagement ring-it just latches right in, and Chad's band suits him to a T.

So there it is, a sampling of what we've been up to. Will probably have to document the plans as the day gets closer.

Fact: I am excited.


Laura said...

I can't believe it's just 100 days away! We're so excited. I'm sending out the shower invitations today...a little later than planned because I was really sick at the beginning of this week, but they are lovely.

Love you!

lucy said...

Congratulations! May you have a wonderful, loving and happy marriage :)

LizzieBeth said...

100 days left? Color me jealous. I've still got 160some days to go.

Love the wedding bands!


Pang said...

Only 100 days!! yay!
I'm so excited for you both!!
When will you love birds be in Door County? Juan and I are taking a mini vacation there Memorial Weekend.. we absolutely love it there! We go there at least once a year.. with 2009.. we were there a lot planning our wedding! :)
If you need any ideas or tips on what to do while you are there.. I can give plenty!!
Might I add that the next time you lovebirds go.... I suggest staying at The Lodgings at Pioneer Lane... it's very very romantic!! Hugh and Alicia are the best hosts EVER!
Don't forget to see a movie at the drive-in.. bowl at Sister Bay Bowl... take the Ferry across to Washington Island and have lunch at Bread and Water (I seriously dream about their fresh bread, cheese and fruit platter)... eat at the Patio Drive in in Sister Bay... check out Stargazers in Fish Creek... OOOOOoooo!! and the white chocolate pretzels at Sister's Sweet in
Fish Creek.. I simply CAN NOT leave Door County without some of their pretzels! OMG! There is just too much to tell! BEST breakfast in town is the Carroll House in Sister Bay.. they are open from 7-2 and the breakfast is EXCELLENT! I'm so excited for you both!
As you can see.. I have A LOT of suggestions for Door County... let me know if you want to know more of the hidden gems there!! :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Awww I didn't know you were getting married! Congrats! 100 days will fly by super fast! Can't wait to read more about your big day!!!


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