my love affair with Fiestaware.

Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to have a Fiesta collection like this.

My desire for a cupboard full of Fiestaware stems from my grandmother's house {mom's mom} and how she has a small collection of her own. I was on dry duty in the kitchen last time I was at her house, and she chatted with me and told me the story of her beloved {by me} well-worn Fiestaware dinner plates.

That led me to think--I want a collection of my own. A collection maybe as simple as my grandmother's: 4 colorful dinner plates and one meat platter. One that my granddaughter will look at and think about her house and starting her life as a housewife.

After that trip, I decided that the collection was going to happen in my house. I went online and registered for some pieces for our wedding registry. Now, sitting in my cupboard are 7 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates, serving bowls, and a meat platter. All bright and full of color. I'm eager to throw dinner parties over here--one person will eat dinner on the yellow plate, and dessert on the blue plate. I'm crazy for Fiestaware.

Needless to say, etsy and ebay have become my go-to sites for finding vintage pieces. Over the next few years, I hope to build a Fiestaware collection up so much that it's all that we use. Throw out the hand-me-down pieces and fill our cupboards with happy, cheerful dishes for years to come.

I would love to know what you like in the kitchen. Plates, glasses, utensils--let me know! Being a brand new housewife, I could always use some kitchen ideas.

P.S. Family--if you are looking for a Christmas or Birthday idea for me, I'll always appreciate another Fiestaware piece :)


bethany said...

Fiestaware is adorable. So cheery and sturdy!

I am a big fan of mismatched vintage plates/serving ware in the kitchen--as long as you stick within a well definited color palette and pattern. Like, I try to keep mine in the creams, with hints of aqua and yellow. I think I'm too ADD to ever commit to one set of dishes...I have to mix and match!

Shannon said...

I love the idea of mismatched plates and the colors are awesome! My weakness is white serving pieces, bowls and platters. Since I love setting the table so many different ways, it's so easy to go with a ton of different color schemes.

Meghan said...

Oh I love it! They are so colorful and cheery:)

::Hannah:: said...

Did you quote Laura's blog name on purpose? =]

Pang said...

I LOVE Fiestaware. That's all I wanted to register for when I got married, but my husband didn't think people would buy them for us.. so I'm stuck with none :(

But as soon as we buy a house.. I am going to go crazy on filling my cupboards with only colorful cherry plates!!!


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