perfectly refreshing

Man, the gym has been my home away from home the past couple weeks. I'm not turning into a gym-rat or anything, but I know that I'm going often when a girl in my class asked if I was at the gym before class started. When I replied "No", she said "Oh, I just thought you were since whenever you aren't at school, you're at the gym."
I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

The last few times after I've come home from a workout, I've needed a little pick-me-up. That's when I turn to the fruit smoothie. No, it's not quite like the 'shmake' that Jess made. It contains four ingredients: one banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, four ice cubes, and orange juice. Set blender to liquify and pour in glass. I've got a lip-smackin' good drink that is good for me {hello, antioxidants}.

P.S. What tunes are on your i-Pod when you work out? I'm revamping mine and I'd love to know what you're sweatin' to.


Johanna said...

Oh you are so good! You are staying on track. I think I need to drag my butt to the gym tonight. I have the ipod chargin...I'll have to see what songs get me going and then get back to you. For usually the Black Eye Peas.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Mmm that smoothie looks scrumptious!

I love anything with a beat, whether it be rap/pop music or some rock. I usually alternate the songs on my work-out list so I get a variety.

bethany said...

Um...wanna be work out buddies? :) Just kidding :) But, this looks delicious!

I listen to the trashiest music when I work out. Honestly...it's like working out is a space for the ghetto-fabulous me to come alive: Hello, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Rhianna and the like. It's so terrible!

Thank you SO much for the cute Etsy link...I adore it! It's true. You just keep sitting there. And it may take For.Ev.Er. for the bus to finally come, but you'll probably get to see some interesting things while you wait. So, wait I will! :)

kt mac said...

Hey Amanda

Happy New Year!!

Thanks for the comment. How are you guys going with wedding planning? Loved the engagement photos - we have our coming up in April. I'm so excited - we've never had professional photos taken before!

and it's true 2010 does rock :)

ps. Was just going through some of your old posts and noticed you are now a fan of how I met your mother - how good is it! We are kinda obsessed over here. Infact M got my brother 'The Bro Code' Book for christmas and he was SO excited lol

swell.life said...

way to go heathy, girl.

not only do i drink smoothies with ice cream, i can't remember the last time i worked out...i am a horrible person and my arteries hate me.

but if i did have a work out regimen, i would definitely be listening to owl city on my i pod.


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