mr. uj.

One day in early January, my family travled up to my sister Laura's house for a visit. UJ was only 8.5 months old when these pictures were taken and he's already outgrown them and is now doing way more. He is officially my sister's little explorer. He's already 9 months old {2 days ago} and crawling up a storm, getting teeth, and getting into everything. The first two pictures are of him sitting in his little chair, and now Laura said he won't even sit in that anymore. {He is a busy mr.--too much poking around to do...}


bethany said...

Oh, Amanda, he's SUCH a cutie pie! I wish I had a little UJ of my own to snuggle :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

SOOOO cute!!

Laura said...

soooooo glad that rash is virtually gone from his little chin and cheeks.


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