happy Sunday to you!

Happy 2010 to all of you! Hopefully you are loving twenty-ten as much as I am. It's unbelievably cold here in central WI {-6 degrees} so I thought that by looking at a nice cup of hot chocolate it would warm me up a little bit. For my first post of the year, I thought I'd give you 10 lovelies that I have gathered up around the web.

01. This sparkly dress makes me want to celebrate New Year's all over again. And that hair. Oh, how I love that hair.

02. How to make butterbeer. Time to channel your inner Harry Potter.

03. After seeing Sherlock Holmes last Monday, I'm ready for  Iron Man 2 to come out.

04. Anyone get a Snuggie for Christmas? How about a  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one?

05. Oh, these images are so, so lovely. Check out the  Hitchcock-inspired photo spread {I'm particularily fond of the Scarlett Johansson one--love the movie Rear Window.}

06. Raise your hand if you're into  award shows? I am. 100%. {Am happy that George got nominated for his role in Up in The Air.}

07. This house reminds me of my best friend in grade school who lived in a underground house...it didn't look like this at all, but to me, it was pretty amazing {she had/has a grass roof!}

08. Joseph Gordon Levitt is reason #5684 why I would like to watch 500 Days of Summer again {possibly owning it would be nice, too}.

09. I already know that I would spell out UJ's name with these letters. It's a perfect addition to any baby's room.

10. Such important words for me to remember.

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