filling our house...with what?

This past month, I've been thinking more and more about my future house with my future husband. What do I want to put in it? What do I want the things inside to say about us as a couple? What items will be so precious to me that they will be proudly displayed in my home?

The thing is, I still live at home. I'm surrounded by things that make my parents happy and reflect their style. While their style is wonderful-it's fully them. I have had zero say in how they decorate and what they buy.

That's where this post comes in; I've been looking on etsy for the past couple months and I've been dreaming about what I can put in our house. I've been drawn to the vintage section of the site and that is where I have drawn most of my inspiration. I want to fill our new house with things of the past; items that have been around for many years and that are one-of-a-kind.

Here are {a few of} my favorites-
:a wooden hanging rack for our scarves and jackets to be hung neatly next to our front door.
:a small cork board for our kitchen where I can put my shopping list and charming notes to my Chad.
:a glass pitcher for my lemonade {from the store} on hot summer days.
:some small wooden bowls for salads.

Over the next four+ months, I'll probably be featuring more and more of these favorites as I continue browsing.


Laura said...

I want that wooden hanging rack.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I love that hanging rack. I could use it in my life.

I love finding things and collecting them for my future home. I still live at home so I feel your pain.

One day we will own our own beautifully decorated houses!

pixelhazard said...

I have started collecting thing which my boyfriend refers to as my glory box. Just remember to leave space for things you see in the future and gifts you may actually like


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