Christmas Finds: Volume III

It's a snow day today! The best news a college student can get is that they don't have to go into class and can just sit in their house and look at the snow outside.  Many thanks to the president of my college for making that happen.

Onto the next featured gift list....this one features all things Mom!
To me, mom {equals} organic, recycling, piano music, homemaker, classic Television shows, antiques,  jewelry, fine wine, classy.

My mother always cooks Sunday dinner for my family. Unfortunately, during the football season, she misses the Vikings games that start at noon. Now, she wouldn't feel so bad about missing it if she was wearing a Minnesota Vikings apron while she cooks.

Every Sunday for church, my mom dresses up. She's the most stylish person in our pew since my sister and I haven't worn dresses in about a year, but my mama wears dresses almost every Sunday. She can glam up even more by wearing these blush rose earrings.
{Hannah did wear a dress last Sunday, I am the one who hasn't worn one in a year.}

She's also one hard-working homemaker. She keeps the house clean, the laundry folded, the dishes washed, and the lists made. She's someone who deserves to take a bath with these aromatherapy sea mineral bath salts.

She is Ms. Green. She is all about the organics and recycling {she gets upset when packages arrive with packing peanuts because they don't bio-degrade.} That's why some of these reusable sandwich bags would be right up her alley...and they are a lot more sanitary than reusing plastic bags.

She also is a world-class cook {to my family}. I hope to be a good cook like her for my mr. Now she can be organized with this recipe card set.

She'd also love feeling clean and keeping the earth clean with these organic face scrubbies

Being a glasses wearer for almost 30 years, she's probably gone through her fair share of glasses cases. She would loved this updated eyeglass case.

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