swoon-worthy scene.

Is there a movie that when you are done watching it, you sit through the credits, sigh, and then go back to your favorite scene and watch it about three more times? For me, this movie is Never Been Kissed.

The scene below is one of my favorite chick-flick moments. Josie is waiting on the pitcher's mound for Sam to come give her her first kiss. Watch below:

{Fellas: tonight give your woman a kiss like this-no words, just some passion. She will swoon. Guaranteed.}

While I was watching the clip on YouTube, I noticed "Don't Worry Baby" by the Beach Boys. Below is the fun, old-school video {I'm not sure if this is the actual video, but it's a good subsitute, nonetheless.}


Hannah said...

<3 Michael Vartan!

Laura said...

Oh, Vaughn, I mean, Michael Vartan...

ALFIE said...

swoon sceen:: sweet home alabama. the last 5 minutes.

"why do you wanna marry me, anyway?"

"so i can kiss you anytime i want"

love it.

You Are My Fave said...

This is my all time fave. When it first came out I saw it three times in the theatre. I googled Michael Vartan until the sun didn't shine. I had a huge crush. Such a good movie scene.

Kristin said...

Mmmmmm Michael. Most delish!


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