a quick observation

{For those of you who don't know, I work at the front desk of a hotel.}

At my job, we see many different people everyday. Just today, I've checked in 18 different families, taken 6 reservations, and dealt with 1 cancellation.

This one woman made me laugh out loud-of course I waited until she left.

Amanda: (after making her and her son only one room key) "Will you need another key?"
Woman: (in her thick Russian accent) "Why it's just me and me son. He won't go any where without me. He is, after all, only 30 years young."
Amanda (smiling): "Okay. Well then you two are all set...Have a nice evening."

Isn't it funny how different other cultures veiw children. I feel like in America, once you turn (at least) 25, your parents are begging you to leave the nest! This woman genuinely seemed like she wanted her son to stay around her all the time!

The whole conversation just struck me as so unusual since I'm so "Americanized" in my way of thinking.

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Becca said...

It's true. I had some friends from Brazil and they were 27 and 28 and thought nothing of living at home. They always stay with the rents until they're married (and that doesn't usually happen until they're 30)


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