m&n: celebrate

On Saturday, we celebrated Chad's cousin's small town wedding. It was definitely a brisk fall day, but it was so nice to be with everyone in Chad's extended family. I do like going to weddings when I'm engaged. Everything is so real and makes me think about our celebration in -7 months. Here's a few snapshots of the day.

Nicole kissing her new hubbie, Matt.

The church. This is the church that Matt and his family have been members of his whole life {I believe.} It's very small {only seats about 100} and if I'm not mistaken, only 1 of 2 churches in the whole town.

The reception decor. I really liked the wall of windows behind the head table and the big, beautiful tulle/twinkly lights combo in the middle of the room.

My soon-to-be hubs and I.

At one point before the dinner, everyone had their cameras out and were snapping away. I got pictures of: 1. Me and the future family {C's parents+us+C's sister and her boyfriend}. 2. My future in-laws. 3. C and his family.

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